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Ongoing advising is a cornerstone of BRS' ALM Consulting Service. Each quarter we will schedule a 30 to 40 minute conference call with you and your colleagues to review your results and discuss relevant tactics. Our sessions will emphasize the "big picture" with specific focus on selected areas as needed. Our advice is "food for thought". Independent observations and tactical suggestions you, your colleagues and your Board can consider and weigh against your current strategic plan.

The Investment Portfolio

Is the portfolio optimized for the current rate environment?  Are you laying the groundwork to capitalize on the next rate adjustment?  Will the bank realize an excessive opportunity cost  because there is too much concentration in Fed Funds?

The Loan Portfolio

Is the loan portfolio well-balanced? Does the duration of any loan group create excessive interest rate risk? Are excessive credit quality problems creating an ongoing threat to earnings and capital?

Non-Maturity Deposits, CDs, and Structured Debt

Does the bank have a balanced funding portfolio?  Is your Now, Savings and MMDA pricing fully adjusted to market levels?  Is the bank exploiting the benefits of effectively structured long-term debt?

Bank Reporting Sciences

Specialists in Asset/Liability Management Consulting for Financial Institutions

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