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We don’t regard any bank as too large or too small for our services.  Asset/Liability Management can be an exceedingly complex process regardless of the size of your institution.

Our ALM Consulting Service has one overriding purpose: to clarify and help you focus.  Focus on properly assessing your bank's strengths.  Focus on understanding and accurately evaluating your interest rate and other financial risks.  Most importantly, focus on the balance sheet management tactics that can safely enhance the profitability of your institution.  The regulatory aspects of ALM are very important and we take them very seriously.  But make no mistake, you don't run your bank for the examiners. You run it to make a profit.  Helping you do that is what we do.

• Efficient

We alleviate you from as much "process" as possible.  Our services are completely outsourced.  When we receive your input materials, we perform all of the analytical work, and deliver you a completed executive level report set.  These serve as the basis of our ongoing consultations.

• Flexible

We understand that all banks vary in their balance sheet complexity and need for modeling sophistication.  We also understand that the capability to produce clean, usable data varies as well.  Rather than you adapting to a set of rigid input requirements, we adapt to accommodate the information you conveniently have on-hand.  Moreover, our proprietary ALM model gets calibrated specifically to replicate the complexion of your balance sheet.

• Adaptive

Our consultations vary from client to client, and adapt as your needs change.  Some clients prefer a continuous emphasis on education, routinely reviewing complex areas with increasingly greater depth.  Others prefer the emphasis be placed on specific tactics they can employ, exploring the pros and cons of each.


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