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Clear. This is the word that best describes BRS' ALM ADVISOR™ asset/liability management report set. Each quarter we give you a clear, unobstructed view of where the bank is, and more importantly, what lies on the horizon. For clarity and incisiveness, ALM ADVISOR has no rivals. Created with one overriding goal: to be user friendly, ALM ADVISOR alleviates you from the chore of interpreting dense, complex reports that are often as thick as a phonebook, and frees you to focus on the information that is important.

ALM ADVISOR elegantly combines data, graphics, and concise qualitative customized narratives that allow you to move easily from one topic to another. One of ALM ADVISOR's most distinctive features is that it presents your actual results along side your internal ALCO targets and performance goals. If you don't have a complete set of ALCO targets or they need to be updated, that's not a problem. We can set them for you.

ALM ADVISOR has three primary sections: the Executive View, the Detail View, and the Financial View.

Executive View

The Executive Overview is a 3 page “At a Glance” view of a bank’s Risk, Return, and Capital profiles. The Overview is unique in that it combines succinct custom narratives with graphics, ratio data, ALCO targets, and comparative statistics. However, the Executive Overview’s real power is in its vivid, highly innovative layout. Complex, and often dry, information is made approachable and easy to follow even for non-ALM practitioners, such as Board Members. This means that time is spent focusing on the information, not on interpreting reports.

Detail View

As the name suggests, the Detail View is an in-depth 17 page  look at a bank’s Risk, Return, and Capital profiles. The 5 quarter trend of each key measurement is shown graphically along with its accompanying ALCO target, and accompanied by concise discussion of the meaning of the measurement and its overall relevance. The Detail View provides a thorough exploration of the following areas:



Interest Rate Risk

Liquidity Risk

Credit Risk





Risk-Based Capital

Balanced Growth


Financial View

Rounding out the ALM ADVISOR is a 3 page section of traditional financial statements. Each financial statement provides a clean, comprehensive 8 quarter look at a bank’s balance, income, and rate history. Also included in the Financial View is a detailed traditional Balance Sheet Gap report.

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