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In the fixed-income world, there has never been a trading simulation tool that accurately modeled all the complexities of a swap, was exceptionally easy to use, and produced reports that made all the dimensions of a trade idea vividly clear. Until now.

Developed by BANK REPORTING SCIENCES in partnership with Griffin, Kubik, Stephens & Thompson Inc., one of the Nation's leaders in fixed income institutional sales to financial institutions, BondSwap™ is a fixed income trading simulation model  that is an evolutionary leap forward in financial technology.  BondSwap expertly handles a myriad trade combinations, instrument structures, and analytical techniques.  Highly user-friendly and incredibly fast, BondSwap represents a new generation in fixed-income analytics.

To experience BondSwap™ firsthand, click the link below to download the full featured 2 week trial version.  Then, call us at 410-799-7002 to receive the password to unlock the trial.

BondSwap 2 Week Trial*

Sample Swaps (Self Extracting Zip File)

BondSwap Guide


* The size of the BondSwap™ 2 Week Trial is approximately 7.7MB

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