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For banks with $100 million or more in total assets, our FAS107 Fair Value Disclosure easily fulfills your year-end reporting requirement. Prepared with the same attention to accuracy as our complete ALM analysis, the FAS107 Fair Value Disclosure lets you efficiently and cost-effectively cross this requirement off your year-end to-do list.


Key Service Points

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3 to 5 Business Days

Email (PDF)


What We Need

  1. Call Report Transmission File or ASCII Export File;

  2. Internal Pricing Information for Loan and Deposit products;

  3. Any or all existing Internal Cash Flow Hard-Copy Reports for the following primary portfolios:
    FHLB Advances

What You Get

  1. The FAS107 Fair Value Disclosure Report;

  2. The Fair Value Components Report;

  3. Documentation of Valuation Methodologies.

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