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BANK REPORTING SCIENCES not only provides ALM modeling and reporting services directly to financial institutions, but we also validate models and the modeling and reporting services provided by other firms.  Our independence, combined with our expertise in ALM for financial institutions make BRS one of the few firms in the country qualified to provide this service.

Our Model Validation service provides a completely confidential, objective, critical evaluation of your internal model or of an outsourced modeling/reporting service.  We evaluate your existing process across a spectrum of categories, and grade each category using our proprietary rating system.  We then offer specific recommendations for improvement in each area.

The Validation Process

The scope of each validation varies with the size and sophistication of each financial institution.  Generally though, every Validation consists of a written evaluation and specific recommendations for improvement in the following key areas:

The data sources utilized by the ALM model or reporting service;

Effectiveness of data mapping and data utilization by ALM model;

Appropriateness of assumptions utilized by ALM model;

The accuracy of the ALM model's income projections;

The theoretical soundness of estimations of economic value;

The overall robustness and adaptability of ALM model.

Key Service Points

Service Mode:

Service Frequency:

Typical Turnaround Time:

Typical Report Length:

Consultation Provided:

Fee Structure:


Outsourced - by Appointment

As Needed

5 to 10 Business Days

5 to 7 Pages


Billable at $300 per hour


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