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Our Story

We started BRS in September of 1999 to offer the banking community an ALM consulting solution that was a superior alternative to  what was available.  At that time, the common practice among consulting firms was to either deluge a banker with dense analytical reports, or sell them an A/L model that they managed themselves.  Regardless, the primary goal was the same:  appease the bank regulators.  Satisfying regulatory requirements is critically important, but this overriding philosophy put the bankers' real need second - helping them safely structure the balance sheet for optimal profitability and the protection of capital - what Asset/Liability Management is all about.  We wanted to provide a solution that de-emphasized all the "process" of getting reports done or getting a model working, and emphasized advising, education, and the discussion of relevant tactics.

Like almost all small start-ups, our first year was a major struggle.  We took any consulting project we could to pay the bills and stay afloat while we developed the first generations of our asset/liability management model and the now vaunted ALM ADVISOR report set, and tried to build a client base.  The first service we officially provided was the preparation of year-end FAS107 Disclosures. 

By June of 2000 however, we were rapidly loosing traction.  In spite of intense marketing efforts and countless 18 hour workdays, we were on our last gasp.  Then, miraculously, in two weeks we brought in 14 community bank clients.  It’s a cliché to say "the rest is history", but…the rest is history.  We have been growing steadily ever since and developing an increasing presence in the banking and institutional financial services communities.

BRS is now a small team.  We serve several hundred financial institutions  throughout the Nation, and have strategic alliances with nearly a half-dozen national and regional broker/dealers and correspondent banks.  We owe all our success to our clients and partners who have believed in BRS, and our sometimes unorthodox approach.

Our philosophy is to continuously innovate, to exist on the leading edge of ALM reporting and advising.  Our goal is to provide our clients the most accurate modeling, the most user-friendly reporting, and the most incisive guidance possible.  We will never achieve this goal.  We will never reach our destination because there will always be ways to innovate.  There will always be ways to improve.

Michael Fasone, CRP


Bank Reporting Sciences

Specialists in Asset/Liability Management Consulting for Financial Institutions

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